Hair and Beauty-What We Have Done So Far!!Sept to Now..!

What we have done so far is mostly theory work. We have had one lesson in the salon for the ones that did not know how to do a scalp plait etc.. We have done about the health and safety when working in the salon and what the signs mean such as Risks, Safety, Mandatory, etc.. How to put make up on and what to do before you start with the make up eg, Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize, What to start with and what to finish with eg, Concealer, Foundation, Eye Shadow, Eye Liner, Mascara, Blusher, Lipstick. What to do in case of emergency. If you see something like a trailing wire then you must wind it up cause that could be a trip hazard.

hair and beauty

We have done the history of hair and beauty, such as what has changed and how much from the 1920’s onwards. Also we have done all about the pharaohs and there style of make-up and how it relates to the make-up and the styles how we wear it today. we have also done hair care and styling such as how to look after your hair and how to style it. 

My Project-Stereotyping In Fashion

We have to produce a project and my project topic is stereotyping in fashion. This interested me because I know some people that get called ‘Emo’ or ‘Chav’ because of the way they dress but actually they aren’t like that, the person that gets called a ‘chav’ listens to heavy metal and the ’emo’ listens to pop music like Girls- aloud and the Saturdays. In this piece I am going to express my feelings and opinion on my chosen topic and get others opinions as well. I am thinking of producing a video to explain all about fashion and its stereotyping.


today we have been talking about our project and  what we want to learn from it . my chosen title is – how fashion influences eating disorders . I have chosen this because I think the results will be interesting and Ii have a interest in fashion & want to see how this affects the way people eat, such as models and high fashion follwers . We have to create a artifact be it a video , poster and a short report  or write a 5000 word essay .

My Project!

Today we have been talking about the project & what we want  from it.

I have chosen my title is ” Why do teenagers smoke?”

I have chosen this as my title because I think it will be interesting to talk and learn about and I also chose it because it was different from the others in the group. I also chose this subject to learn about, because it would very good to learn about why people do actually smoke 

my project

Today we have began to talk about our project and what we want to do it about.

I have chosen the subject and the title that I yet have to finalise: ‘does appearance effect the way people treat you?’

I have chosen this subject because a lot of people my age are all different and can relate to this for example the people who get bullied for being different.

hair & beauty diploma project – has/does music change your life?

In hair and beauty we have been doing about our diploma project and what we are going to call it so i chose to call it has/does music change your life it can be presented in a poster,play,video,photographs,electronic media but you can also do this in writing which means doing approximately 5000 words this project could be about anything such as smoking, product testing, fashion, music or eating disorders basically it could be about anything you want as long as you are able to do something with it we all chose what we wanted to do the project about. We will be doing some research or questionnaires, survey or we could use books or our knowledge to get information and the question to are answer.

Hair and Beauty diploma Project_How fashion has changed…


We are doing this project where we have to think of our own title for either an essay of 5, ooo words or it could be presented using a video, electronic media, photographs, and poster. Whichever way we choose to present our work we will have to write a report on which you should have a number of at least 1,000 words. We will also be required to give a short presentation about our project and what we have learnt. The project titles could range from smoking to beauty or hair to fashion. My project title is going to be ”How fashion has changed from the 1960’s to today” in this i will show some photograph’s on what men and women used to wear back in the days of 1960 and what men and women wear today (2010) i will then write about their differences and if the look round about the same then about that. The project that we are doing forms part of our qualification that we can take to show what we are capable of when given the chance. We will research on the internet about our chosen title then write the information that we have found in Microsoft word page and that will later be used to help us when we are going to do it.

Glamour And Egyptians

On Wednesday, In the first two periods we started off in the salon curling and crimping hair.

Then in the 4 periods left of the day we watched a movie about Cleopatra and wrote information down about it.

On Thursday, We watched a little 14 minute clip on how to apply glamour make-up and then applyed it onto our partner. The make-up involved red lip-liner and lipstick,  black eye liner on the upper lid, Mascara (Usually fake lashes though), Foundation and brown and white eyeshadow. we also had to do the basic’s like cleanse, tone and moisturise our partners face.

I enjoyed both lessons and learnt that Dita Don Tesse usually has glamour makeup on.

The diploma since September

Over the last couple of weeks in our diploma group, we have been learning about, The history of  hair and beauty, make-up, hair care and styling, the one I have most enjoyed is hair care and styling which we are currently doing at the moment, this is because with hair care and styling there is more practical involved which we did this week. Some of us learnt how to do a scalp plait and a vertical role but the rest of us who already knew how to do this, developed on our skills on these two things.