Hair and beauty since September.

Since September in hair and beauty¬†we have done about history of hair and beauty in this we did about how hairstyles and beauty techniques have developed from ancient times to how we have them today. Also in history of hair and beauty we have done about ancient Egyptians and about there social statuses, we created a mood board on one of the social statuses and put pictures from then and now how they have changed and developed. In the¬†world of hair and beauty we learnt about opening our own business up and how we would go about it if we wanted to open it in the future, we wrote a report on this. In health and safety we learnt about the legislation’s and regulations of working in a salon, and what the colours of signs mean. In hair care and styling we went into the salon, and we learnt how to do scalp plaits and vertical rolls. We then looked at different hair growths, and shape of heads. Also we did about how personality reflects in hairstyles. In skin care and make-up a beautician came in and showed us how to apply make-up and how to cleanse tone and moisturise. Then we practised on each other.

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