What have we been up to?

For the last couple of weeks in class we have been learining all different types of styling the hair using heat . We each got our own dolls head to practice on . We learnt , curling with straightners , wands & tongs . Crimping & straightening. We all saw a demonstration about how to shampoo & condition the hair . We also learnt how to apply a conditioning treatment to a client which was very interesting. We then learnt how to blow-dry the hair . Next week we are practising on each other which should be good. We also got given a talk about plagerism and how it can affect the grades we get . Plagerism is where you copy and paste from a website , if you did this on an exam you would be disqualified. We learnt how to avoid it , ways to deal with it & we did a task which helped us understand more. The task was to research and write an article about Fashion designer Dame vivienne westwood , but we couldnt copy & paste & was not aloud wikipedia.After the lesson we all got our heads around & we also got an insight into the fashion world by doing this , it was all very helpful. We are now in the stage of planning our very fun project!

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