The dermalogica trip on thursday 3rd of march:)

On thursday 3rd of march we went on a trip to dermalogica in york.  We left lessons 11:25 to go to the bus park for half past we left the school grounds at 11:40 we then arrived to dermalogica at 12:45 and we had to be there for 1 so we had 15 minuets in the waiting room and had coffee and biscuits when the 15 minuets ended we went into the skin centre and we were seated at a work station ready to have a good time the trainer did a demostration and a power point and then we got to try out the products she showed us what to use then we had our dinner time after that we went back in to the training centre and amelia had a mini microzone treatment even though we was only watching her I felt like going to sleep myself after the treatment had finished we had to go it was 3:05 by the time we had done we arrived back at school for about 4:20.

Dermalogic trip.

last week we went to dermalogica in york. when we arrived we had tea and bicuits, then we sat down at a skin care bar. We tried a range of products called ‘clean start’ which is specifically made for teenagers. At the skin care bar, we pushed our hairs back and tried out the products. We cleansed toned and moisturized. My favourite products were the, cleanser, spot it and the lip balm. this was because they smelt nice and worked well. Then we had a chance to win a mini mirco-zone wich lasted 20 minutes. We watched the treatment being done on the winner at the end of the day. I had a fun day :).

Dermalogica Trip!

Last thursday we visited a dermalogica skin centre in york , this is where they train people to become skin therapists and perform dermalogica treatments . We were very lucky and got to test out the new ‘ Clean Start’ teen skincare range . We used the cleanser , toner, scrub, spot treatment , tinted moisturisers & lipgloss! they left my skin feeling & looking really healthy! they also chose someone to perform a special treatment using dep cleanses and electical tools . overall the day was really great & I have learned lots of things about my skin that I never knew before , for example , not to pop spots!

A day out to Dermalogica..

Last week we went to dermalogica in york. When we arrived we had a hot drink and biscuits, then we went into a room and sat down at a skin care bar. Here we tried dermalogica’s new brand “clean start” which was made expecially for teenagers. There was three sections the first one was the “getting clean” section which contained two products, the clenser and the toner. In the second section called “taking on issues” which contained 4  products for treating spots and blackheads. And finally the last section was the “protecting skin” which contained 3 products which were two types of moisteriser and a lip balm. After there was a chance to win a mini micro skin test. My favirote part of the day was trying out the different products, however the worst part was there wasn’t enough time. Overall the day was really good and I enjoyed it very much .X


Last Thursday on the 3rd of March we took a visit to a skin centre called ‘Dermalogica’  click on the website to find some of their products

The visit was great, we tried the products on our own skin and a class mate also had there own special treatment with their skin and had their skin analyised. We were greeted welcoming with tea/coffee and biscuits and treated nicely. I dont have anything negative to say except from that I think I should of had the special treatment although it was chosen fairly.

What We’ve Done So Far …..

Since September we have covered lots of units , some of these include :

hair care & styling , in this unit we have done scalp plaits , vertical rolls & been taught how to use equipment properly & how to clean them . Make up , in this unit we have learnt about the different types of makeup , make up brushes & how to apply make up correctly . History of hair and beauty , we are learning about ancient Egyptians & how beauty developed from ancient times. we also , in this unit are learning about Chinese geishas & social status . World of hair & beauty , in this unit we are learning about money & salon management , also how hair & beauty affects our lives . Health & Safety , in this unit we are learning about government legislation’s which are put in place to help keep us safe . we also in health and safety learnt about fire drills & what to do in an emergency , and safety signs ! . Nails , we also were exprementing with nail art & creating nail looks for different time periods  .

What We’ve Done So Far In Hair And Beauty.

The things we have done so far:

  • We have recently started a project that involves the Hair and Beauty diploma pupils in years 10 and 11 and we’re making a Hair and Beauty show. 
  • Health and Safety in Hair and Beauty(e.g.How to clean electrical appliances or what to do if you get shampoo in the clients eye.)
  • Learnt how to make vertical rolls and scalp plaits.
  • We have learnt about all of the legislation’s and the code of conducts.
  • We have researched about the facial structures on a face and what type of hairstyles show what type of personality the person has.

Hair and beauty since September.

Since September in hair and beauty we have done about history of hair and beauty in this we did about how hairstyles and beauty techniques have developed from ancient times to how we have them today. Also in history of hair and beauty we have done about ancient Egyptians and about there social statuses, we created a mood board on one of the social statuses and put pictures from then and now how they have changed and developed. In the world of hair and beauty we learnt about opening our own business up and how we would go about it if we wanted to open it in the future, we wrote a report on this. In health and safety we learnt about the legislation’s and regulations of working in a salon, and what the colours of signs mean. In hair care and styling we went into the salon, and we learnt how to do scalp plaits and vertical rolls. We then looked at different hair growths, and shape of heads. Also we did about how personality reflects in hairstyles. In skin care and make-up a beautician came in and showed us how to apply make-up and how to cleanse tone and moisturise. Then we practised on each other.

What we have done so far.

Since September we have covered many units these include:

Haircare and styling– in this unit we have learnt how to do scalp plaits, vertical rolls, how to use the hairdressing equipment properly and how to clean them.

Make-up- in this unit we have learnt how to use the make up correctly, which make-up does what and also how to apply the make-up correctly.

History of Hair and Beauty-In this unit we have learnt about ancient Egyptians and how hair and make-up has changed through time.

Health and Safety– This unit we have looked at what we do in an emergency and about the different safety signs e.g yellow hazard , green safety etc.

We have also done a bit of nail art in one of our lessons.

What have we been up to?

For the last couple of weeks in class we have been learining all different types of styling the hair using heat . We each got our own dolls head to practice on . We learnt , curling with straightners , wands & tongs . Crimping & straightening. We all saw a demonstration about how to shampoo & condition the hair . We also learnt how to apply a conditioning treatment to a client which was very interesting. We then learnt how to blow-dry the hair . Next week we are practising on each other which should be good. We also got given a talk about plagerism and how it can affect the grades we get . Plagerism is where you copy and paste from a website , if you did this on an exam you would be disqualified. We learnt how to avoid it , ways to deal with it & we did a task which helped us understand more. The task was to research and write an article about Fashion designer Dame vivienne westwood , but we couldnt copy & paste & was not aloud wikipedia.After the lesson we all got our heads around & we also got an insight into the fashion world by doing this , it was all very helpful. We are now in the stage of planning our very fun project!

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